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Branca Feres (age: 29) is a Brazilian synchronized swimmer, model, and actress. She is an identical twin with her sister Bia Feres.

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Branca Feres (born February 22, 1988 as Beatriz Feres) is a Brazilian synchronized Swimmer, Model, and Actress. She is an identical twin with her sister Bia Feres.

The sisters started practicing swimming and gymnastics at the age of three, and began synchronized swimming at the age of seven. They were champions of Brazil in both juvenile and adult categories, and reached second place in the 2005 Pan American Junior Games in Orlando.

They competed for Brazil in the 2007 Pan American Games in synchronized swimming. They were rumored to be competing as synchronized swimmers in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, but they did not.

The Feres sisters are also models and have appeared in a number of photo shoots, including one for Brazilian magazine VIP in July 2008, where they appeared on the cover.


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