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Angelababy (age: 29) is a chinese model, actress and singer known for Bride Wars, Hitman Agent 47, Independence Day: Resurgence. Often judge as China's Kim Kardashian.

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Angelababy (born February 28, 1989 as Yang Ying) is a Chinese Model, Actress, and Singer. Her stage name came from the combination of her English name “Angela” and her nickname “Baby”.

She was first signed as a Model by Style International Management when she was 14 years old.

Despite being an actual fashion Model, she was also associated with the pseudo-Model scene in Hong Kong and released several pseudo-Model pictorial albums.

She starred in the Japanese web drama Tweet Love Story in July 2010. The basis of the drama is audience participation via Twitter; selected viewer tweets with the hashtag #tweetlovestory would complete missing lines spoken by Ying.

She did the speaking voice to Rapunzel in the Cantonese dub of Disney‘s “Tangled”.

In May 2012, she signed a contract with Avex Group for activities in Japan. She has since been studying Japanese. In 2014, she became a commercial film Model of Hotel Shilla’s Duty Free Shop which is an affiliated company of Samsung Group in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2015, she became the product ambassador of Meitu phone in China.


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