Zeman Header Banner Model

Zeman Celeb Legs featured sections banner model

Zeman Celeb Legs offer you the chance to be displayed on our banner!

If you are a woman with pictures of your good looking legs or you have pictures that you own that display nice woman’s legs, you can submit them and see them on our banner.

What we are looking for

All submitted images must meet those conditions:

  • the woman (or women) should be 18 years old or more;
  • must show good looking women’s legs;
  • and absolutely NO BOOTS that covers the calves!
  • the full calve must be shown (above knee to the ankle is minimum);
  • no nudity (all parts hidden by a bikini must not be shown);
  • must be horizontal since its a banner;
  • must be submitted in exchange for a link on our website;

What we will do

This is what we will do with the chosen submitted image:

  • it will be used for our website banner;
  • it will also be used as cover on most of our social accounts related to this website;
  • it will be on display on our banner Hall of Fame page (see details below);
  • it will be shared on all our social account (with a link to our Hall of Fame page);

Note that no cosmetic Photoshop will be done and you will be able to see the banner before the final posting.

The image can be taken down by us at any time and you may ask us to take it down. If you want us to take the image down, we will do so as soon as another banner is ready. All submitted images that will not be chosen will be deleted.

Banner Hall of Fame page

This is where all the original images will be exposed with all the information submitted about the model and/or photographer (including a link to your webpage or social account).

You can check it out here!

Contact us to submit your image

Send us a message and we will get to you with an email address where you can send your image

Some examples that would work great

If you are still wondering what kind of images we are looking for, here are some examples.



SexArt banner