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Brigitte Boisjoli (age: 35) is a french Canadian singer known participating in the 2009 edition of Star Académie and singles Sans regret et Fruits défendus.

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Brigitte Boisjoli (born September 14, 1982) is a French Canadian Singer from Drummondville, Quebec. She became known participating in the 2009 edition of Star Académie. Her albums are Fruits défendus, Sans regret and Patsy Cline.

Here in a few words how you could sum up the career of Brigitte Boisjoli, outgoing young woman who has neither the hours nor effort nor energy to achieve his ends. And it’s not because it excels in sport she does not in her the passion that is recognized as among artists at heart. From the age of 5 years, it already takes loudly that the air harpoon him the whispers, but especially when it joined a gospel choir to the 10 years it feel weave the fibers in it that will make it quickly become a Singer. That said, if she loves add its voice to that of others, is really to solo singing it very early the desire to lead. His first experiences in this field, she saw them with a jazz trio at the age of 14, while it occurs in the bars even if their access is not legally permitted.

It was at this time that the leader Michel Cusson quite by chance and it gave him the role in the musical. The fantastic legends in Drummondville. For six years, with two hundred people who are part of this show, she will live in an extraordinary learning laboratory. But this experience as a trainer it is, does not give him the necessary outreach and recognition for its place in the middle.

She may win a prize at the Blues Festival, run in the auditions for Romeo and Juliet and Cirque du Soleil try his luck twice in Star Academy, his good fortune soon manifest to the point that disillusioned, she resumes Working in bars and chooses to focus on his teaching career aerobic. That’s when she least expects it, during which she helps a friend to attend the auditions for Star Academy are she is invited to audition again. Against all odds, she sees herself chosen for this great adventure that allows him to consider a new start.

Subsequently confirmed that a genuine passion never dies altogether and it can lead further. So not only is she out in this fourth edition of Star Academy, but here too that many routes open to it soon after. She participates in effect to the tour shows the Singer Boom Desjardins in 2010, becomes columnist Sweet Salty, the summer issue of VAT, and takes a part in the tribute show to Michel Fugain The new Big Bazar – The most successful 1970 which will be presented throughout Quebec until May 2011. In spring 2010, she began looking for songs to record a first album. A first single entitled Fruits defended launched in October 2010 and arouses great enthusiasm. The album, it seems January 18, 2011 and confirmed the birth of a performer with undeniable talent.

More than 30,000 albums sold, revelation of the year at the ADISQ in 2012, more than 100 performances in Quebec.

In March 2013, she interprets the role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret piece, directed by Denise Filiatrault and experiencing a critical success. Cabaret will be presented for one year in Quebec. Brigitte enjoys free time in 2013 for the selection and writing his second album.

The year 2014 was very busy with the release, February 26, the first single of the song without regret. A text Dumas and the first musical collaboration with Brigitte Jonathan Dauphinais, also director of this song. The album was produced by Jonathan Dauphinais and Antoine Gratton and sold 29 April 2014. A major tour, The Tour Without reget to support the album, was presented in over 50 cities in Quebec. Brigitte also devitn spokesman Clows Without Borders Quebec.

Brigitte Boisjoli likes to stand constantly renewing itself. It is in this light that it records a new album in August 2014 in Nashville, paying tribute to Patsy Cline, the icon of Music page’>Country Music. The style of this legendary “Motown” Suits him perfectly. During the tour without regret, a key moment of the show remained her poignant interpretation of Crazy. Brigitte dream to reconnect with her country roots and record a complete disc in the legendary RCA studio in Nashville. With the determination that he knows, she quickly managed to put everything in place around to go there and live one of the finest moments of his career. Registering with director Robby Turner, who has worked with many big names was a pure joy.

The album Patsy Cline, launched September 16, 2015 at a launch / show as part of the Festival Western de St-Tite and marketed September 18, 2015, Brigitte also participated in the show honoring the work of Luc Plamondon, PLAMONDON at QUBE Theatre located at the Montreal Casino. The show also includes Johanne Blouin, Marie-Ève Janvier, Jean-François Breau and Martin Giroux. Quebec also spokesman for the 2015 edition of the Trophée Roses des Sables, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2015. Exclusively for women, the Roses des Sables Trophy is a competition after the tradition of African rally raids taking place from 7 to 18 October 2015 on the border of the dunes of Morocco.

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