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Zeman Hashtags Creation Tool for Social Media

This tool create hashtags for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, based on the choices you make from our keywords list. Generate randomized hashtags list to prevent your content being flagged as duplicate. You can write your post text in the main field before generating the list so you won't exceed the character max numbers for Twitter and Pinterest!

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Created by Scott Zeman, ver.: 2019.08.13

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mySlidesNum = 78;

mySlidesValue = [["24 TV Show", "24-tv-show"], ["Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-"], ["American Pie", "american-pie"], ["Angel", "angel"], ["Arrow", "arrow"], ["Batman", "batman"], ["Baywatch", "baywatch"], ["Beverly Hills 90210", "beverly-hills-90210"], ["Bones", "bones"], ["Burlesque", "burlesque"], ["Castle", "castle"], ["Charlie's Angels", "charlie-s-angels"], ["Charmed", "charmed"], ["Comedian", "comedian"], ["CSI", "csi"], ["Daredevil", "daredevil"], ["Dexter", "dexter"], ["Divergent", "divergent"], ["Fast and Furious", "fast-and-furious"], ["Fifty Shades of Grey", "fifty-shades-of-grey"], ["Firefly", "firefly"], ["Gilmore Girls", "gilmore-girls"], ["Gossip Girl", "gossip-girl"], ["Grey's Anatomy", "grey-s-anatomy"], ["House of Cards", "house-of-cards"], ["How I Met Your Mother", "how-i-met-your-mother"], ["James Bond", "james-bond"], ["Lost", "lost"], ["Mad Max", "mad-max"], ["Mean Girls", "mean-girls"], ["Melrose Place", "melrose-place"], ["Model", "model"], ["Music", "music"], ["NCIS", "ncis"], ["Need for Speed", "need-for-speed"], ["Once Upon A Time", "once-upon-a-time"], ["Scream", "scream"], ["True Blood", "true-blood"], ["Twilight Saga", "twilight-saga"], ["Video Games", "video-games"], ["2 Broke Girls", "2-broke-girls"], ["30 Rock", "30-rock"], ["Ally McBeal", "ally-mcbeal"], ["Big Little Lies", "big-little-lies"], ["Blade Runner", "blade-runner"], ["Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "buffy-the-vampire-slayer"], ["Captain Marvel", "captain-marvel"], ["Carrie", "carrie"], ["Charmed", "charmed"], ["Cougar Town", "cougar-town"], ["DC Comics", "dc-comics"], ["Doctor Who", "doctor-who"], ["Easy", "easy"], ["Friends", "friends"], ["Game of Thrones", "game-of-thrones"], ["Glee", "glee"], ["Gotham", "gotham"], ["Harry Potter", "harry-potter"], ["Jessica Jones", "jessica-jones"], ["Legally Blonde", "legally-blonde"], ["Marvel", "marvel"], ["Men in Black", "men-in-black"], ["Ocean's 8", "ocean-s-8"], ["Orange is the New Black", "orange-is-the-new-black"], ["Pitch Perfect", "pitch-perfect"], ["Resident Evil", "resident-evil"], ["Riverdale", "riverdale"], ["Scream Queens", "scream-queens"], ["Sin City", "sin-city"], ["Star Trek", "star-trek"], ["Star Wars", "star-wars"], ["Super Bowl", "super-bowl"], ["Supergirl", "supergirl"], ["The Defenders", "the-defenders"], ["The Hunger Games", "the-hunger-games"], ["Underworld", "underworld"], ["Valentine's Day", "valentine-s-day"], ["Westworld", "westworld"]];

tag-images-num = 78;


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