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Mahee Paiement Bio

Mahée Paiement (born January 2, 1976) is a Canadian TV and movie Actress and former Model from Quebec, known for playing several roles since 1986.

After a television role in 1982, Paiement started to perform movie roles in 1986 at the age of 10 when she appeared in Bach et Bottine. During the next 20 years, she appeared in several movies such as Les Boys IV, Les 3 ptit’s cochons and popular television series such as Watatatow, Diva, Un gars, une fille, Caméra café, Les Boys (TV series) and Miss Météo (TV series). She also performed theatrical acts from 1992 to 1996 and is also modeling in Sweden.


Mahée Paiement is a Canadian actress and former model from Quebec known for Les Boys, Les 3 p'tits cochons, Watatatow, Diva, Un gars, une fille, Caméra café

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