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Maripier Morin Bio

Maripier Morin (born July 7, 1986) is a Canadian television personality and Model from Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec.

In 2006, Maripier Morin made her entry in the Quebec television landscape with the reality show Occupation Double as a participant. A few months after the end of the show, it became a “beauty” in the popular program Le Banquier. Subsequently, she became a columnist on several TVA programs such as Salut bonjour Week-End, Sucré Salé, Deux Filles le matin and co-hosting Occupation Double.

In 2010, Maripier made her debut on channel V as host of Web Planète V, and a few months later she became a columnist for the program C’est extra. In 2012, she became a columnist for the show District V where she described and commented on the artistic news of the day. In The Fall of 2012, V announced that in addition to District V, Maripier Morin will be one of the headliners of the new morning program Ça commence bien, where she will deliver the weather and the showbiz news every morning.

In 2014, after the end of District V and the change of formula of Ça commence bien, V announces that she leaves the program to host her own show, Ménage à trois, in co-hosting with Patrick Langlois. In 2015, she became the first spokesperson for Revlon in Quebec, in addition to co-animating Code F. on VRAK.

She appears in the Music Video of the Canadian band Simple Plan’s I Do not Wanna Go to Bed.

Since 2010, she has partnered with hockey player Brandon Prust. They became engaged in June 2015. They married on July 30, 2017.

–Wikipedia (Google translate from French)

Maripier Morin (age: 33) is a Canadian TV personality and model known for Occupation Double, Salut bonjour, Web Planète V, District V, Ménage à trois and Code F.

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