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Natasza Urbanska Bio

Natasha Urbańska (born August 17, 1977) – Polish Singer, Dancer, Actress, film, TV and theater musicals and gymnast art . Since 1993 he associated with musical theater Studio Buffo . Co-owner of fashion House “MUSES – Urbańska & Komornicka” .

1991-2006: Metro

In 1991, along with a friend she went to a casting for the musical Metro . Initially, she had her cheer, but she later stood compete with other participants casting. She passed all the stages, but it turned out that he was too young to perform in the theater. After two years, he appeared on the following qualifications. Initially admitted to the band as a Dancer, but when the Actress Catherine Groniec ill and could not appear in the musical Metro, Urbańska replaced her in it, playing the role of Anka . Later Urbańska received this role on a permanent basis and played it for a change from Zofia Nowakowska and Natalia Srokocz . Then he was one of the assistants Janusz Józefowicz, so that took part made in preparing the production of television and theater in Poland and around the world, including Peter Pan in Roma Musical Theatre and Romeo and Juliet , Miss Tutli Putli and carousel dreams in Studio Buffo .

2007-2009: Poland … Why Not? Dancing with the Stars

Urbańska twice participated in the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest : in 2007, with the song “I Like It Loud” (3rd place), and 2008 with the song “Blow Over” (2nd place) . In 2008 it was recognized by the Home & Market magazine as one of the 50 most influential women in Poland .

In 2009 and 2010 Urbańska found on the list of 100 most valuable Polish stars of show business according to the magazine Forbes successively at the 136th and 74th place . In 2009 released her album Buffo Hits Vol. 1 – Natasha Urbańska, which featured songs performed by her in theater Studio Buffo in the spectacle Hits Buffo . In the same year, her song “Little” has been submitted to the Prime Minister of the concert on 46. National Festival of Polish Song in Opole , but was not approved because it was incompatible with the rules of the competition (suspicion of plagiarism) . At the end of 2009 Urbańska started cooperation with American Music producer Jim Beanz .They worked together on the project Poland … Why Not? Aimed at the promotion of Polish in the world . The project was promoted by Urbańska performed singles “Love Crazy Stone” and ” All The Wrong Places “, to which the video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by David Palmer .

From September 6 to October 29, 2009 Urbańska participated in the tenth edition of Dancing with the Stars , broadcast aired on television station TVN . Her dance partner was, then debuted in the Polish version of the format, Jan Kliment . A pair eventually took second place, losing in the finals (by a vote of 49.99% to 50.01%) with Anna Muchaand Rafal Maserakiem . In December 2009 Urbańska occurred during the Music and film series “VI Jazz Film Meetings”. He introduced there recital Fri .: “Well-known movie themes.” He performed, among others,”Libertango” and “Fall In Love Again”. Accompanied her Mariusz “Fazi” Mielczarek .

2010-2012: 1920 Battle of Warsaw, Polita

In February 2010, Nina Andrycz gave Urbańska necklace set with pearls, who years ago received from the Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi . Joined to the present greeting card, “” I uncheck “Lady Star on my jewel, and I wish you health” . In June 2010 Urbańska started filming Jerzy Hoffman – 1920 Battle of Warsaw , where she played the role of Oli Raniewskiej, Actress and cabaret Singer before the war . The film premiered September 30, 2011 . Urbańska has also recorded a song promoting the film Fri. “Ditty 1920”. The Music was composed by him Krzesimir Dębski , a text written by Jacek Cygan . His production took a son Krzesimir Dębski – Radzimir Dębski. The premiere of the song took place in July 2011 .

In 2012, for his role in the Battle of Warsaw 1920 Urbańska awarded three prizes hoses categories: Worst Actress, Worst pair (along with Boris sew ) and embarrassing scene for scene with a machine gun .

From September to November 2011, he and Peter Gąsowskim led thirteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars, replacing the role of co-host Catherine Skrzynecka . In 2011 Urbańska portrayed Pola Negri in the performance Polita , the first musical theater realized in the technology of 3D . In 2011, he voiced the main character animated film Gnomeo and Juliet – Juliet. Along with Maciej Stuhr recorded him Polish version of the song Elton John – “Crocodile Rock” . Also in 2011, along with Alice Węgorzewska and Janusz Józefowicz part of the jury Pola Negri in Lipno . In November 2011, together with all the winners of the prize “VIVA! Najpiękniejsi “recorded the song and the video Fri. “And you can reach for the stars.” This project supports charity aimed at helping talented children from foster care homes and foster homes .

From 2013: “MUSES – Urbańska & Komornicka” One

At the beginning of 2013, along with designer Agnieszka Komornicka, Urbańska opened a fashion House “MUSES – Urbańska & Komornicka.” Together they create their own clothing line, which is sold in the shop, and from October 2013 also in a stationary boutique in CH Union Square in Warsaw . The first collection of the duo was presented at a fashion show February 12, 2013 .January 14, 2013 in the Studio Buffo was held jubilee concert Natasha Urbańska the occasion of the 18th anniversary of her work on the stage. The Singer presented songs that performed over the years in numerous public appearances, as well as new songs, heralding her debut album , over which cooperated with Seweryn Krajewski and the trio producer JUNE . October 20, 2013 also at the Theatre Studio Buffo made her special concert Move On, during which unveiled a new single and Music video – ” I have to leave ,” . December 31, 2013 during the New Year’s Eve Force chart of Polsat Urbańska premiere performed the song ” Escamillo ” .

At the beginning of January 2014 published a new single – ” rollover “, which, despite massive criticism (mainly text by Zofia Kondracka) became a hit the Internet, and executed him as a controversial Music video within a week of launch has exceeded one million plays on this website YouTube . Performer of the song itself has acknowledged that the issue was a provocation .

January 24, 2014 premiere of the debut album Urbańska One . In addition to the singles “I have to go” and “Rollover” promote album songs ” Escamillo ” and ” hypnotize me .” In December of the same year the Singer won the first edition of the program SuperSTARcie . December 31 of that year occurred during the concert New Year’s Eve organized by TVP 2 , during which presented a mix of songs ” Ai se eu these blunt! ” Michel Teló , ” Rude ” by Magic! ” Dare (La La La) ” Shakira and her single ” rolling. “

–Wikipedia (Google Translate)

Natasha Urbańska is a Polish singer, dancer and actress known for Battle of Warsaw 1920 and is Co-owner of fashion house "MUSES - Urbańska & Komornicka".

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