10 Celebrities pictures groping each other at events

You are at an event filled with gorgeous celebrities and you may have taken some alcohol (among other things). So when it comes to judgment, maybe you are not in full cooperating mode. And also, maybe both party are having fun with it and we are just like watching those celebrities enjoying life!

Here are some of the best celebrity grabbing each others privates parts at events.

1. Justin Bieber in full stealth mode to touch Heidi Klum boob.

Heidi Klum: Justin Bieber did not touch my boobs…

2. Melissa Joan Hart and Judy Gold

Melissa Joan Hart and Judy Gold visit “The Judy Show – My Life as a Sitcom” at DR2 Theater on July 25, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

3. Helen Mirren going for Jessica Biel boob

Helen Mirren squeezing Jessica Biel’s breast
Helen Mirren squeezing Jessica Biel’s breast

4. Katy Perry (maybe) grabbing Anna Kendrick’s breast

Is Anna Kendrick getting grabbed by Katy Perry?

5. Miley Cyrus “supporting” Katy Perry boob

I Think Miley Cyrus is more hovering Katy Perry’s Boob…

6. Leslie Mann getting intimate with Rebel Wilson by grabbing her boob

Leslie Mann groping Rebel Wilson
Leslie Mann groping Rebel Wilson

7. Leslie Mann (again) grabbing but this time it’s Cameron Diaz’s ass

Leslie Mann grabs a handful of Cameron Diaz butt

Bonus: this scene of Leslie Mann groping Megan Fox’s breast… sure sucks to be an actor!

Megan Fox getting her boob groped by Leslie Mann, This Is 40 Bloopers

8. Stella McCartney grabbing Reese Witherspoon butt

Stella McCartney grabs a handful of Reese Witherspoon butt

9. Stella McCartney (again) grabbing Rihanna butt

Stella McCartney, again, grabs a handful of Rihanna’s assets

10. Gerard Butler supporting Jennifer Aniston’s ass firmly!

Gerard Butler was asked on a radio show about the photo where it appears he’s all up in Jennifer Aniston‘s derriere in France.
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